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The Precision Battery System is an Italian company that produces batteries for cellphones, set up in 1997 for the need, increasingly, to have a high quality product at a competitive price, which can differentiate themselves and compete with that of batteries for mobile phones, today unfortunately covers most of the national and European market in the field of mobile telephony.
To ensure the quality of their product is used the best international production cells by placing the most important protections through dedicated electronic circuits for any short circuit or over temperature. This feature is essential especially on an article like batteries for mobile phones, which as you know can easily lose over time their characteristics.
The whole process takes place with battery macchinechuisura Battery shells for mobile phones, mobile phones are controlled electronically, to make the product reliable and aesthetically pleasing.
For this, where necessary, the closing of shells by means of ultrasonic press to ensure a perfect product, even under the appearance, while the Assembly of the components that make up the battery through an electronic welding machine manufacture. all this makes the Precision battery Battery System an excellent product, synonymous with high quality necessary to enter the European market.
The range of the produced battery is compatible with the most popular mobile phones on the market.
Always attentive to new requirements, the Precision Battery System since November 2005 specializes in a unique service which we consider useful but most importantly cost effective economic side, namely the regeneration of any rechargeable battery pack for screwdrivers, drills, camcorders, etc.
Soon it will also be possible to regenerate batteries of notebooks, which as you know are able to maintain their original characteristics for a short time and the replacement results in a sometimes considerable expenditure.
All this means to the user considerable savings compared to the original product (from 40 to 60%) as well as a more powerful battery, because the cells used for regeneration have higher capacity.

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